SOULution Servants

I am part of the SOULution! Are you?

We are humans.
Perfectly imperfect,
As we navigate our soul missions.

Some days we are up.
Some days we are down.

The thing to remember is...
We rise together.

The invisible thread unites us ALWAYS.
And we are ALWAYS all connected.

So instead of seeking perfection,
Maybe, just maybe we take one step at a time.

In this moment, whether you are up or you are down,
You ARE part of the SOULution.

Choose to shine, lovely! It's so much brighter with you in this world!

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The Comparison Trap: A Lose-Lose Proposition

In today’s society, where everyone’s life is on display, it can be easy to create a false reality based on highlight reels of tasty food, vacation moments and motivational memes. I will admit that I fall into this trap from time to time.

You see, as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I constantly have ideas flowing through my head. I also stay connected to other awesome sauce creatives and light workers through social media, so I get to see everyone else’s fabulous programs and creations with buzz words like, ‘6-figure launch,’ ‘free webinar,’ ‘be a coach,’ and ‘make money around the world.’ It became normal to see ads for courses, masterclasses, live events and other magic that others were creating around me.

Then, the day came where I had my own big, amazing, Divinely-inspired idea.

One of those ideas that feels as if it was meant for you. Where you think about it while you’re driving, working out, showering and you have random notes jotted down as the downloads come pouring in. I was on top of the world, like a woman who just found out she’s pregnant and can’t wait for that belly bump to pop to hint to other’s at the awesomeness that I was about to birth! Ok, that may be a little extreme, but you know the feeling!

That was until I saw someone else carrying my baby. Hold on…let me explain. I saw another lovely lady who had created ‘exactly’ what I had been marinating on. She was preparing to launch and had all of these magical unicorns on her team. Her graphics were delicious and her website was inviting. She had a big online summit, where I had been prepping for a big live event. Was she smarter for doing it that route? Her logo was in alignment. Damn! Her Instagram was even completely branded and filled with crystals of valuable content.

I reached out to my tribe and declared defeat.

The cool thing about being a super awesome ninja unicorn, is that you’re surrounded by other badass mythical creatures.

I wanted to take a moment to share their vast well of knowledge, insight and love with you.

Let the bad-assery begin…

“No one can offer something the way YOU can! Keep going and putting your shiny glittery unicorn self into it! We're here to offer our services made special by who WE are in particular. We live in an abundant universe and we need to embrace who we are.”
Amy Bernier

“Stay in your lane, love! You've gotta do it once and then you can grow and improve from there.”
Alionka Polanco

“Everything around you is a catalog. What you see is what you can achieve. Seeing things other people have or are doing just means that you can do it too! Sometimes you have to see to believe, so the Universe gives you an example.”
Holly Clock-Cooley

“Woman, focus on yourself and your creation. We all have a different voice and vision. Trust that people want to hear what YOU have to say.”
Timothi Jane Graham

“Your personality is the differentiator. Also, remember, you don't need a home run. Just get in base. Get it out there and don't be discouraged.”
Paul Kirch

“Don't let that stop you, launch, Then refine as necessary, the universe has got your six!”
Dean McMurray

“Your Soul knows NO comparison.”
Marc Hupert

“Remember you are reaching people who relate and connect with you because of YOU. That divinely planted seed within can only be nourished by you. Keep going! There are people that need you, my sweet friend!”
Jeanne Shannon

“Start where you are! Their people are not your people.”
Yvette Escalette

“But nobody does it like YOU!”
Sally Kathryn

“There's room for everyone in this world! Work is not scarce. Stay tuned to your heart, work form there. (Those words sound dumb when money is tight, but I swear they have been true for me.)”
Jaime Meyer

“This happens a lot.. I think especially with intuitive peeps. We tap into the same universal energy needed and download. We all have our own unique way of presenting it and teaching it that will resonate with the right tribe. I loved this thought (I think Dorene Virtue said it), until everyone in the world is manifesting at their finger tips, there’s always room for a new teacher or book on manifesting. I think we forget, because we are surrounded by like-minded peeps, that there are a whole lot of people needing our gifts and messages.”
Jen Gilchrist

“YOU need to follow YOUR journey. Don't look left or right.”
Kendra Fuller

“They're doing them, you're doing YOU! Just get out there and let your light shine. Your tribe will find you!”
Ange Baxendine

“My love - it is energetically IMPOSSIBLE for someone else to sell the exact same thing. Completely impossible! This is just a test to see how resolved you are to step in to your genius and receive the wealth that is due to you.”
Lorna Johnson

“Keep going!! Don't give up or change it. Just stay true to YOUR vision!”
Annie Anderson

“There is room enough for all! What is yours by right of conscious will always be. Shine on, my soul sister! We are one.”
Ellen Jones

“Who says they are doing it better? your ego that wants you to stay small? Dont let your mindset trip you up. There is no competition as like attracts like through Quantum Physics. You both will be success and attract who you attract which will be different. You would not have been called to do it if it was not supposed to happen. You have got this. Keep going!
Belinda Ginter

“No one has an original thought. Put your MOJO into it, girl. Make it yours.”
Beth Jacobson

“Here is a tip when creating: You are adding something to the world. No matter how many others are doing the same thing, it can never be the same. Someone will need what you have to provide and that is why you are prompted to create it. Oh, and don't listen tot he negative script in your head! It lies!”
Michele Ryan

“There's more than one kind of bread in the aisle. In an infinitely abundant universe, there's more than enough for all of us. You just have to find your niche and those you resonate with.”
Michael Madison

“You aren't possibly saying what was divinely guided to you is less than? I'm sure I read that wrong. It may be different than, it may be almost the same as, yet less than? Be you and that in itself is different as I don't have your experiences, other coaches don’t have your experiences, this other 'better' program doesn't have your experiences. Aren't we all teaching the same thing just from our own perception? You've got this!”
Carol Miller

“It is all good, sister. You are being divinely guided because you have something special to offer. BACK OFF EGO, LET HER SHINE!!!

Brenda Teeter

“That just means you're BOTH on the right path, Sister!!!!! #BeLove #TakesAVilliage
Kailen Rosenberg

“Or maybe it's just confirming to do it! You are not them and vise versa .. stay focused on what you want to create. Your people need you to create it.”
Petra Monaco

“It can never be the exact same thing when fueled from your deep knowing! It's just the layers of protection (i.e. fear) we've unconsciously placed around our deep knowing that makes it look like that.”
Jordanna Eyre

Well, there it is! As Dr. Suess so wisely put it, “There is no one alive who is youer than you!”

Who are you to withhold your magic from all of those who are praying for exactly what you have to offer? 

When you compare yourself to others, it is a lose-lose proposition. One of you ends up being less than and that’s simply an illusion. The great thing about not comparing yourself, is you can celebrate the magic that others are creating, along with shining your own light ever so brightly. And let’s not kid ourselves, there are times when others are feeling less than amazing. We are one though. We rise together. Let go of those old recorded stories. Hit the delete button and press play on your life. Each day is a new ALIVE day! After all...

If you don't share your true voice with the world, you're stealing. Because there's someone out there right now who needs what you have to offer! And if you don't express it, you won't make the difference you were born to make. -Marie Forleo

Ask and You Shall Receive

It all started with my son turning 7. We moved into a new house and he decided to forego his firetruck bed and requested a big boy loft style bed so he could have a secret fort below. We ventured down to the local IKEA and through the maze of showroom madness…after consuming some Swedish meatballs, of course. We identify our target and head down to the aisles of boxes.

 Yes, open ALL of the doors! This will help the parts fit!

Yes, open ALL of the doors! This will help the parts fit!

Oh, dang! This thing doesn’t come in many pieces, so the boxes are large and flat. No worries. I’ve opened up boxes in the parking lot and just crammed all the pieces into my little Jetta aka Gabriella before. I ask him to help hold the flat cart still as I muscle the two boxes on. After straightening myself out, we head to pay and then load. There was a family on the elevator and the dad helped me get the cart off as the wheels were catching on the elevator as I tried to muscle it out.

I then spent the next 100 yards using my full body to steer this out-of-balance mess to my car. As I approached, I knew I would have to crack these boxes open and play a round of Tetris to get this bed home. I get the seats adjusted only to find that there is no one these parts are going in. I started sweating more and more as bystanders walked by and passive-aggressively stared at my stubbornness to fit a loft bunk bed into VW Jetta. 

I asked some friends for help, but no one was availalbe. I started to play the blame game. Why didn’t I plan this better? I could’ve come down with a truck and done this in one trip. Now I have to pack this box back up and haul this mess back in, hoping they’ll let me come get it tomorrow. Why did I waste time in this way? Why do I try to do everything on my own? I’m tired of doing everything on my own. People saying they’ll be there, but it’s all lip service. The stinkin’ thinkin’ and self-judgement were in full effect.

So, skip to the next day. I rent a truck from Home Depot. I bought the bed on sale, so I figured that with the truck rental, I was just back up to the normal price. I muscle that thing back outside and a woman, who sees me clearly struggling, comes over and helps me steer the heap and then load it. She jokes about how she always tries to do everything on her own and then asks if I have help to unload it at home. I lie.

“Yup, I sure do have help. Thank you, ma’am!”

I get home and nearly throw out my back trying to unload it, then I get to take the truck all the way back to Home Depot. This little bed adventure has now cost me hours of time, but I feel success!

The time comes to assemble this beast. I open the manual only to see a picture of a man and a woman assembling this bed together. Say what? Now IKEA is telling me I need help! A-ha! Logan is home. I ask him to come and hold one end as I start to screw together the opposite end. Thirty seconds in and he says, “I wish Corey were here. This is hard.” I’m full-on annoyed at this point and tell him he’s free to go and play.

I spend the next hour wrestling this thing. It’s a loft bed, so the pieces are taller than I and require strength to balance, while trying to align screws. As I start to finish, Logan walks by and says, “WOW!”

YES! Success! I did this all by myself. As I start to put the sheets on, I realize that I didn’t need to do it on my own. I own that part of me is afraid to ask for help, because I take it personally when people don’t show up. I also have these expectations that certain people will show up in my life and they don’t. I’ll be struggling through something and ask for help from someone close, only to be blown off or for them to always focus on their challenges. I keep showing up for them, because I want to treat them as I want to be treated, but my voice starts to get quieter and quieter. I start turning to them less and less. I start to equate my value with their level of interest or ability to hear me. 

This started as a pattern stemming from my experience with mental health challenges. Some people are capable of offering solid help and holding space for these scenarios. Some people expect you to bounce back and get over it. Once again, no right or wrong, but it’s important to know what you need and what is healthy support vs. just allowing anybody into your life at these times. I have created a pattern of isolation, because it FEELS easier. This is my little safety illusion. I can have a rough experience and just want to curl up with my someone close to me, but there needs to be communication along with that person having the capacity to hold unconditional love and space for you.

I’ve decided to stop and ask myself what value I can find in this recurring pattern? I am getting offended because people aren’t showing up in a way that I expect them to. This is an opportunity to get clear on my love languages. I can get clear on who I consider to be my 4-5 solid relationships in my life. It doesn’t mean that some relationships are greater or lesser than, but just that each has a purpose on this journey. The slots rotate. People come and go. I also realize that everyone isn’t capable of showing up in the way I expect them to. They might show love in a different way or don’t have a lot of experience in relationships that don’t revolve around them or someone who has invested so much energy into them out of a place of love.

If I’m really coming from a place of love, I feel it’s important to do so unconditionally. If we show up for someone with the expectation that they’ll treat us the same way or that they’ll show up at all in the same fashion, we are choosing to put our power in other’s hands. We are also missing out on experiencing giving for the sake of giving. Of course, I’m not saying that we need to continue pouring ourselves into people who don’t show up, but merely that it’s our responsibility to not wager our happiness on how someone receives and returns an act of love. 

So, speak up! Ask and you shall receive. If you ask and don’t receive, you have a choice to speak up and try again or you can choose to walk. Neither is right nor wrong. It’s all about claiming our power and choosing our own path!

Affirmation: I speak up and ask for help. I view reactions to my request as an opportunity to reassess my own value and where I’m choosing to invest my love.

Journey Within - Day 1

So, I’ve found a pattern in my life. When choose to tell old stories about ourselves, the universe shows up to reflect those stories back to us.

I've realized I have a jaded view of dating. I've had a belief that guys are seeking instant gratification through the whole 'grass is greener on the other side' mentality. I let my guard down and let them in...but with suspicion and skepticism. Then boom! They treat me like a random girl! One to be tossed to the side. I just experienced it again, so I realize there is a lesson I'm meant to learn here. Here we grow again!

I can't do anything about dating in this day and age or how some people treat me, but I can most certainly change my thoughts to attract a kind, honest and loving man. I'm going to do an experiment over the next 40 days. This is Day 1!

Over the next 40 days I will be clearing clutter by:

  • Simplify my home by clearing clutter and organizing to maximize efficiency
  • Cleaning up my nutrition and sticking to my marathon training
  • Daily Kundalini Yoga and meditation to cultivate a clear channel with God
  • Clearing my mind by writing daily
  • Clear out space-fillers in my life

Clutter…just the word alone fogs my mind. When we surround ourselves with clutter, whether it be physical, emotional or even energetic, we don’t leave room for the miracles. You could be holding on to weight, material possessions or an old relationship. You are worth so much more though. Stop letting those things define you.

We can get into our heads when it comes to these things. Take the guy I went out with last. We connected amazingly well, but his word became fleeting. Actually, his presence became fleeting too…without explanation.

Ladies, know that if a guy is interested, he will make his presence known. He will keep in touch. Don’t be afraid to admit that he’s just not that into you. This clears space for your unicorn lover to enter the picture.

Back to decluttering. Do you delete this man and others like him from your social media platforms? Is he more of a friend or a space-filler. It can seem harsh or rude, but this is the time to listen within. Set the intention of releasing them with love. You could even have a little goodbye before you hit the button. This button doesn’t have to reflect a permanent decision, but it represents right now, which is where we want to be.

So, I just let go of that guy who I had a real connection with. The problem was that there was a disconnect in our communication. It was the same old case of the guy being super attentive when he’s interested or wants to hang, but then going AWOL when they’re ‘busy’ or after you’ve been intimate. I’m not saying that a guy needs to be communicating with you all day long, but if you’re talking relationship one day and then the next, he’s too busy to say hi…he’s probably not that into you. Just sayin’.

The old me would cling onto a friendship with hope that he would one day see my worth or just because we had a connection. Not anymore. When you bring up your feelings multiple times and they dismiss them…CUT. THE. CORDS! Maybe you'll be able to build a honest friendship or more in the future, but why start one on shaky foundation.

The old me would also hang on to clothes I don't wear anymore, just in case I need them someday. Or those books. Or craft supplies. name it. I've hung not friendships that sucked me dry because I didn't want to be rude. I put my daily meditation practice or self-care routine on the back-burner to go on a date or to accommodate people who aren't real stake-holders in my life. we go! Day 1 of Operation Declutter commences! Wish me luck! 


Releasing Old Stories

Do you have old stories that keep coming back up from your past and prevent you from moving forward in your life? Do you hear this constant little voice telling you that you aren't good enough, don't have enough or will never be able to live your most purposeful life? It's time to stop the self-limiting beliefs and reprogram your beautiful self to shine bright so you can get to your mission in this world.

I had a moment of clarity recently while experiencing the feeling of being rejected by someone without a real explanation. See, our human brain wants to categorize things to help us understand or cope better. It’s like there’s this little elf in there with a clipboard putting people, experiences and feelings into boxes, so he can tidy up the mental clutter that is fueling the mini hamster wheel in your brain. Give your inner little elf a break by letting go of the whys and hows of life. Yes, sometimes it’s necessary to review something and learn from it, but let me share this little idea with you.

How would it feel to stop TRYING so hard to label things and FIGURING out all of the reasons they happened to you? Sitting and talking with friends about what that guy did to you and how you don’t understand how it from being so awesome to feeling deserted and cold. Wondering why that person at the store was so rude? Wondering how you’re ever going to escape the daily grind? Well, my friend, it’s all about perception. Perhaps you could release the term ‘daily grind’ and begin to cultivate thought patterns and experiences affirming you right where you need to be in any given moment. Begin expecting miracles to occur in your ‘daily opportunity’ of the game of LIFE! Spin the wheel of chance and expect to WIN!

Here’s a little more about this topic! Enjoy!

So, to review..

You have to break the habit of thinking that the solution to your problems is to rearrange things outside. The only permanent solution to your problems is to go inside and let go of the part of you that seems to have so many problems with reality.
— Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul

You so have this! Your are amazing! That body of yours is a miracle and so ridiculously beautiful. Your mind is an amazing gift that serves your highest good. Man, you frickin’ rock! Shine on, lovelies!

Speak Your Truth

Ladies and Gentlemen! A chapter has ended and a new one begun! My military days are behind me and I’m almost officially a civilian!!! This week is the OFFICIAL end to my 13.5 year military career! No, I’m not temped to stay in for the retirement. Yes, I know I would only have to sacrifice 6.5 more years of my life. Ha!

Anyhow, I’ve been looking forward to this transition for so long that it didn’t even occur to me how much these years have shaped my life. I realized that for years, I was labeled by my rank. I was put in a box and told how to act and what to say. I was literally made to report to a room every day by myself for two months by people who were trusted with leadership positions.

Growing up, I had many challenges around self-worth and being comfortable in my own sacred, awkward, glorious, shiny self. This made falling in line in the military a very safe and cozy settling ground for me. I attached my worth to my rank, awards and to the kudos I did or didn’t receive.

No more of that, misses and mister! I am a leader. I am intuitive and have the ability to feel and hear messages coming through energetically. I am a powerful speaker. I have a lot of truth to catch up on, so here we go.

My transition has started out strong with purple hair and a tattoo. I went bazonko and did this all over a 2-day binger. The third day came and I had a meltdown. A legit ‘what the heck am I doing’ meltdown! It was as if I was seeking change, yet not able to comprehend what I looked like with a bit of edge to me. That purple hair I had been dreaming of, now made me feel like I was going to be judged in a totally different way. I’d been wanting to manifest a relationship, but what kind of guy would appreciate a girl with purple hair? I almost didn’t even go through with it, because I was worried about what a certain guy might think.

Then, I got wise!!! It’s just hair, ya’ll! And you know what, I love my tattoo. If I every really want to remove it, I totally can. I’m digging stepping into who I really am. And I appreciate that the future partner will love the way I process life and will think I’m beautiful no matter what the hair color is. I was feeling on top of the world, when I realized I would be briefing the Military Action Group, which contains leaders from the state, military and veteran organizations. Watch the video to see how it went!

Well, there you have it, folks! Shining bright requires us to speak our truth. We owe ourselves this gift of showing up and speaking light. This one thing I know…speaking your truth empowers others to do the same. And what are we here for, if we’re just playing puppet or putting up smoke and mirrors. It’s simply crazy, my loves! Speak up and shine on!

Get Your Glow On

I believe that finding your tribe is a key element to getting your glow on. That’s why I was so excited when Dana invited me to participate in the Glow Blog Tour with this fabulous tribe of soul-centered sisters. Visiting a new blog each day is so cozy and feels like I’m stopping in for a cup of tea with my soul family!

First, can I just say how much I loved yesterday’s stop with Suzanne Adams, from Musings of an Earth Angel, and this little golden nugget about self-love:

“The best part about it was that I could glow all by myself or with others.  It didn’t really matter because the glow was now coming from within and no longer from external circumstances.”

- Suzanne Adams, Musings of an Earth Angel


That was just delicious and is so on point with what I’ll be sharing today! Let’s dig into this self-love and learn how to shine bright, manifesting some lovely unicorns on the way!



How many times have you hustled through the day, only to get to the end of it and notice that you really have no idea what you accomplished that day? As my teacher and friend, Sunny Dawn Johnston, says: “Create your day or your day will create you!” I’ve found that the easiest way to get out of the daily grind is to start by not calling it that, but then creating opportunities to cultivate connection.

The days I’m most in alignment are when I start my day with mediation, followed by planning my day. I use Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner and Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year Diary Planner. Start by identifying how you’d like to feel that day. When making decisions, connect back to that infinite source within and ask yourself what you really FEEL is right. Taking that time for myself each morning pays off in immeasurable ways.



Alright, friends…let’s get real. Are you or have caught yourself hanging onto things, people, experiences or stories that are no longer serving your highest good. Getting clear starts with knowing what you want out of life and loving yourself enough to follow through. In the video below, I’ll give you a tool that I use to tap into that infinite knowledge within. The more you access your authenticity each day, the more you will, unapologetically, own your badass, awesome self. Time to shine bright, sister! The world ain’t got time to be waitin’ on your self-limiting beliefs.

 “Stop speaking limitations into existence!”

-Panache Desai



Now it’s time to rise up. Own your choices, powerful sister! You are so freakin’ amazing and Divine. Step into that power each and every moment. By owning it and speaking your truth, you’re empowering others to do the same. Being accountable to your dreams is another way to show self-love. You do YOU! Other people's opinion of you is none of your gosh darn biz! If you need to, create a system, find an accountability partner, take one step toward your dreams each day...whatever it takes. As my favorite gypsy and astrologer/yogi, Danielle Mercurio (who is also on the glow school blog tour), the Universe wouldn't give us a dream and a purpose only to dangle it in front of our face or for us to sit in our self-limiting shit watching others dancing on the playground. Get in the game! You're so worth it! The world needs your gifts and talents! PERIOD.

Here's a little video riff with some tips and ideas on how to get your glow on!!! 


The next stop will be my fellow magic-manifesting mama, Amanda Frances, and she's talking about LOVE as well. Eek! She’s launching this amazing ‘Money Mentality Makeover’ course that you should totally check out! Can’t wait to cozy up with her post and a cup of tea.


Also, make sure you visit Dana Gatziolis and her 10 Day Get Glowing Adventure! Doesn’t that just sound amazing? It’s like a virtual summer camp filled with glitter tosses, while dancing around the campfire! YES!

We Are One

Just a little more than two months ago, I didn’t have enough money to put gas in my car. I would go to buy groceries and hold my breath when I swiped my card. I was tracking how much I had, but every once in a while a late charge would kick in and send my account in the red. So I’d be at the grocery store with my son and my card would be declined. 

Skip to today and I’m filling up my car with gas. I used to put in just enough to get me where I was going, but now I’m practicing filling it up with gratitude. As I’m pumping today and giving thanks for the fuel, I hear a voice behind me.

“Somebody is walking behind you,” says a male voice.

I turn around a thank him for warning me. Just 4 days ago, I was walking in a mid-size city at night and a guy came rushing up behind me. I quickly hopped from the sidewalk into a wide open and well-lit parking lot that was empty and had security cameras. I remember questioning what kind of male would do that. What’s up with these people that stand so close behind in line that you can feel their breath on your neck? I’m not sure if it’s a military thing or what, but I have a bubble or what we could a ‘kill zone’. I quickly get anxious once that bubble is invaded by a stranger. Another thing I’m working on.

So, back to the man. I thank him and he asks if he can ask me a question without seeming ‘creepy.’ After quickly assessing my surroundings, I give a ‘yes’ nod. He explains to me that he and his wife have moved from San Diego a few weeks ago and they bought a car in Hugo, Minnesota since someone told him to never buy a car in the city. The car is station wagon, which allows them to sleep in it when they aren’t able to get into a shelter. He says they are just looking for some food and it’s not about the money. 

What would you do in the situation? No judgement, just what is your gut reaction? 

When I’m in these experiences, I always go with my gut. No matter what their outside appearance is…I listen to my intuition. I explain to him that I don’t have cash, but that I can get some from the ATM. He apologizes again for walking up behind me. I tell him that I appreciate it as I’m a veteran and like to know my surroundings.

Well…turns out he’s a Navy veteran. I gave him and his wife $40. I told him I was also in transition and wish I could help more, but I gave him a card for Operation Synergy and told him I could help get him in touch with some local veteran service organizations. I don’t know if he’ll reach out to me or not, but I’ll help if he does. 

I’m not sharing this to say what is right or wrong. I’m sharing it because letting go of that $40 was the greatest feeling. I trust that I will be abundant and that the Universe has my back AND MORE! I’m open and ready to receive. I’m also grateful that I had the chance to share a smile with this couple and share a few sentences about our military lives. Money is simply an exchange of energy. I don't have to worry how I'll replace that money, because I am provided for when I show up and serve.

I then came to a lunch meeting and two ladies were having a conversation about some new initiatives they are volunteering with for homeless and low income families in the area. One lady commented about how she wished the extremely wealthy could look down and see those who are struggling, but that they are too high up. I don't think it's that at all. There's no looking up or down. It's a matter of taking off our blinders and looking who is right next to us.

A year ago, I might have closed this man off because of fear. I might have felt the need to protect myself due to experiences I've had with abusive men in the past. That would just be giving my power away though. I might have assumed things about him. The truth is that we are one. We are love and so very loved. It doesn’t matter what I think about him or what anyone’s opinion is of me. I just get to be me and he gets to be him…all amazing and shiny as we are. We are one.

You Are Limitless

The last 3 years have been ripe with opportunities for learning, also known as super freakin' challenging! Ha! It really has been. It's tested my ability to speak my truth in situations that were previously very intimidating to me. I gave my power to people who I thought had more power over me, because of their rank on this planet. You military folks know what I'm talking about. Really, everyone has been there though. Feeling limited in your relationship, feeling limited in your job, feeling limited by talents and abilities that you lack. I was reminded of this lack mentality last weekend. 

I spoke at the 'Build Your Dream' day for women veterans, hosted by Metropolitan State University. It was this great event designed to help women who are wanting to cultivate their passion and purpose, no matter what stage their at. There were resources for those who were looking to go back to school or start a business. It was amazing and the energy was yummy!

During my speaking portion, I was (as usual) speaking a lot about living your purpose and be fearless in your pursuit to live it out. Not being limited because somebody else is doing it or because you don't think you're good enough, or even just tapping into your heart to feel out what your passion is. Then a lady from one of the business resources raised her hand and grabbed the mic. I don't remember what she said quote for quote, but she started by saying she didn't want to rain on the parade, but owning your own business isn't all warm fuzzier, rainbows and unicorns. 

This is where I could've let my little heart-shaped balloon aimlessly dart around the room as the air was released, leaving it a sad little deflated hot mess as it hit the floor. But NO! I own my power and value. I'm not a numbers person. I'm not all into the nitty gritty legal stuff and contracts....yawn...and such. That is ok, dear ones! After taking a deep breath, I acknowledged her light and wisdom and reminded the audience that it's always great to know our passion, but then also great to know what we're not super awesome at and hire that crazy stuff out! Focus on what brings your joy! Focus on what you freakin' rock at! Don't get caught up in the fact that you can't make your website look pretty or that somebody in your office has more education than you. Celebrate it all!!! Isn't it a beautiful thing that we all have different experiences, skills and talents?

Ok, so to drive this message home, please check out my most amazing and awesomely delightful video blog!!! It's not perfect, but I did it and I didn't procrastinate! Woot woot! Plus, there's some outtakes at the end that are sure to raise your vibes! Happy Monday, friends! Keep smiling.

Here are the words from that Leo New Moon ceremony that I read in the video!

It's not about YOU! It's about you being a clear channel, a loving messenger for source.
It's not about you being whole first.
You are whole in your incompleteness.
You are whole in your imperfections, your tardiness, your raw ability to show up and fail.

Dear one, if only you knew there is no failure.
For failure only shows in giving up.
And this is not in your nature, for you are Spirit embodied. 
Go forth and SHINE!
Go forth and SHARE!
Be YOU, in all your wholeness with frail incompacities and show others they can BE as well.
Connect with Source and BE the mirror, so that they might see their limitlessness in themselves...
for you are ONE!
~Dajon Ferrell

Be in the NOW

I’m back! I had it in my mind that I needed to work on this business plan or that new product, but I’m living in the moment and in this moment...I want to share. 

How many of you can feel the extreme transformation flowing lately? I feel like I went from searching my purpose to living my purpose. I’ve shifted my paradigm and find myself truly living in the present. I woke up to a beautiful Minnesota day and wanted to go for a run. The old me would’ve thought I needed to get some work done first or do something to earn the run. The new threw down a glass of water and grabbed my running shoes. 

I tend to compare my workouts a lot and grade myself on how I’m doing. I time my runs and map the distance. During the run, I’m trying to ignore that knee pain and push harder. I’m sprint from this sign to that tree or seeing how far past the edge of comfort I can go. Today, I chose my favorite playlist over my ‘Get Fit’ list. I didn’t time my run. I picked a park that’s about 1 1/4 miles away and my goal was to run there, find a sweet spot to meditate and run back.

 A new meditation spot

A new meditation spot

As I laid out on this fallen tree, I felt peace. I turned off the music and listened to the ripples in the water, the birds chirping, a happy dog playing, a motorcycle buzzing by...everything that was and I was thankful in that moment. 

I start my return. As I’m listening to the songs of love on iPod, I’m realizing how I’m actually singing them to myself. Try it! Find your favorite love song and sing it to yourself. Fall in love with you again.

 A view of my trail today

A view of my trail today

“Follow the signs right back to you, back to you, back to you. I know they wind right back to you, back to you, back to you.”
-Back to You by Twin Forks

“I’ll follow you into the park through the jungle, through the dark. Girl, I’ve never loved one like you. Laugh until we think we’ll die, barefoot on a summer night. Never could be sweeter than with you. And in the streets you run afree, like it’s only you and me. Geez, you’re something to see. Home, let me come home. Home is wherever I’m with you.”
-Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

A car goes by with a 111 license plate on this quite back road and I appreciate the Angel message. I then approach a girl and a boy. He’s walking gently beside her. She has on one of those white plastic leg braces. I can see her joy in each step, as the sun shines down on her after a long winter. We’re both approaching a downhill. She pauses to brace herself. I adjust my posture to prepare for the acceleration on my knees. It reminded me that we all prep ourselves differently for the downhills, but what matters is that we keep going one step in front of the other. We all have different journeys, but mine is no better or worse than hers and vice versa. I get to the end of my street, which is a dead end with a ‘FUTURE STREET’ sign. I always end my run in a full sprint and finish by touching the ‘FUTURE’. 

A-HA! I could’ve chose to spend my run criticizing myself for those extra pounds I’ve put on, or challenging myself to do an extra mile, or even being bummed out about those two cocktails I had last night. Or I could just be. Be living and breathing and happy for the downhills, the uphills and all of the learning in between. The future always comes at the end of the run. That’s something we can’t control, but you have the power to choose how you want to live NOW! So I’ll whisper these words of wisdom, let it be, let it be! Cheers to all of us perfectly imperfect souls! You are so very loved. 

My wish is that all of you spend some time falling in love with yourselves. Have a dance party when nobody’s home. Take a walk and stop to put your feet in the grass. Connect. Dissolve separation and be.

“But all the possibilities, no limits, just epiphanies. I’m never gonna look back. I’m never gonna give it up. No, just don’t wake me now. This is gonna be the best day of my life.”
-Best Day of My Life by American Authors

Keep smiling!

These Hands - Loving All of Me

How many of you look in the mirror and start analyzing the things you don’t like about your body? I know that I’ve made that a habit in the past? I'm so over the saying, "We're our own worst critics." Why? Why can't we be our biggest fans?

While away Sunny Dawn Johnston’s Mind Body Spirit Intensive, she had us do an exercise where we learned to talk with our body. A part of the exercise that I found especially helpful was writing a letter to my body. I thanked it and I was also apologetic for the ways I’ve treated it. I’ve put others first and worked by body to the point of exhaustion. I’m working on treating my body better. It’s allowed to do so many things and I talked a little about that in this video.

I know that got a little deep, but I’m learning that vulnerability is something I want to be open to. These hands have done so many things for me. Picking my son up when he’s fallen down, helping me type this blog post and feeling that soul connection while holding hands with another. 

What has your body done for you? What are you thankful for? Start a loving conversation with your body today! You AND your body are here serving your purpose in this very moment right now! No more of that critic BS! I love me…ALL of me. Period. That’s certainly something to keep smiling about!

Honor Your Body.jpg

New Year, New Intentions

Holy buckets! It’s 2014. This New Year gives us a little extra oomph, with a New Moon and New Year falling uniting at the same time. This is the first time in 19 years that this has occured. Have you been manifesting?

I took some time to review 2013 and it’s many blessings and opportunities for growth. I also set my intentions for 2014. The key to this is looking at these every day. Even if that means placing a picture of your vision board in your bathroom. That way you can look at it as you’re brushing your teeth. No excuses, loves. Let’s rock this year out!

   Click for FREE printable

Click for FREE printable

So, that’s how my New Year started! How about you? Any fun traditions in your home? I shared my ‘Jar of Moments’ with you, but another we do in our home is the ‘Blessing Box.’ We do this one as a family. It can be reviewed weekly, monthly or whenever you have a family night. My son also decorated one for his teacher for Christmas, so they make great gifts too! In fact, I’m including this FREE PRINTABLE you can print out as a gift tag or put into a card so that you can gift one too!

Along with my vision boards, I also listened to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Messages for 2014. If you feel guided, grab a cup of tea and cozy up with her beautiful messages. It’s a great video!

Also, for those of you who’ve asked, here’s the link to purchase Sunny Dawn Johnston’s ‘Living Your Purpose’ Affirmation cards. They’re amazing!

Alright folks! That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon with some amazing announcements in the next couple of days. So blessed to be on this journey with you beautiful souls. Keep smiling!

Shame Be Gone

December started out with a bang as I found myself facing the loss of a job. It was one of those moments where you know that you're being asked to rise up. To go forward without fear, requires some looking within. It requires you to trust and let go. It's time to keep raising the vibration, acknowledging my feelings, but rising above it all. It's not about me, it's about the great good. I've been gaining inspiration from a book called 'Daring Greatly' by Brene Brown. Here's a little more about that!

Let's move forward! Let's keep creating the innovation that moves mountains and brings the greater whole to a new reality. Actually, it's not so new at all, the reality that we are one!

Looking to for more inspiration? Check out the classes at DailyOM. You can pay what you can afford and there are some amazing teachers there!

Keep smiling, beautiful! You are alive and it's all good!

Serving the Highest Good

"Everything in my life - every experience, every relationship - is a mirror of the mental pattern that is going on inside of me." - Louise Hay

Would you agree with this? I had to take a good look within to identify my mental pattern during a recent break-up. One of the things that helped me see clearly was to the cut the chords that were still connecting me to the past. I had regrets and 'what if's'. After removing those chords, I was able to see the lesson and release him with love. It was so liberating. Here's a little video explaining how I handled the situation. Enjoy!

How do you cut chords? Or if you haven't before, what are your thoughts about doing so?

It's time for us to reclaim or peace and power. It's not about ego. For me,  it's about living in love for the greater good and raising the vibration for the collection consciousness. 

Some chords are hard to cut than others. If you find yourself experiencing that, just say the following words to yourself.

Believe Trust LetGo_5x7.jpg

With the holidays approaching, cutting chords might be a way to free yourself and prevent the past from tripping up your present. Keep smiling, loves. You are so Divinely love and perfect just the way you are! 

I Choose Peace

Do you know true peace? Really? Are you plugged into chaos, schedules and phones? Are you plugged into life?

I’m choosing peace and I hope that you’ll join me on this journey! The time is now to live the lives we always imagined. By shining your light bright, you empower others to do the same. 

My priorities are: 
  1. Connection to Spirit
  2. Loving myself, maintaining balance and shining bright
  3. Empowering others through teaching
  4. Loving and supporting my earth and soul family
  5. Living in the moment

Let’s embrace the power of love! Living in truth, love and light is the only way to peace. You are so loved. Keep smiling, lovelies! 

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power! Here's a list of resources and books that you might find interesting. Not a reader? Some of these books are available in audio format. Feel free to add any suggestions in the comments below.
 'Soul-Centered' by Sarah McLean
 'Invoking the Archangels' by Sunny Dawn Johnston
 Panache Desai
'28 Days to a New You' by Shelly Wilson
 'The 5 Love Languages' by Gary Chapman
 'Wishes Fulfilled' by Dr. Wayne Dyer
 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise Hay
 Sunny Dawn Johnston Webcasts



So, this week was filled with UPS and DOWNS and this is my conclusion!

Are you living in the moment? Are you living your purpose? Just being? Or are you caught up in the sauce?
Sunny Dawn Johnston has an amazing webcast out right now about not taking things so personally, called 'It's Not About You.' It's amazing and might help you to see what your plugging into more clearly. Visit her website to get your 'Living Your Purpose' Affirmation cards.
Also, we're on the letter 'G' for the Dajon Smiles 'Soul Strength' challenge. Feel free to incorporate these words throughout your day. Meditate on them and try the challenge!


Loving Affirmations:
 - I surround myself with the genuine and authentic people, for they are a mirror of who I AM.
 - I AM Divinely guided. 
 - My goals are within my reach. I attain them with ease.
 - I AM filled with gratitude for my abundance. 
 - I AM equipped with unique gifts and talents that empower me to serve my purpose for the highest good!