Attitude of Gratitude

The New Year brings about lots of resolutions and the feeling of a new chapter beginning. The great thing is that we can have this feeling all year round. You can wake up each morning and choose to eat healthy...EVERY DAY! You are creating a new past and new memories each and every day. Why not make ‘em something to smile about? Heck! Why not keep track of them too? Watch this video to see one of my 2013 ‘resolutions.’

Neat-o! I’m looking forward to sharing some of my memories with all of you and hearing yours too! I think I’ll take them and add them to my ‘Smash Book’ each month. I like the idea of taking some time out each month to reflect and express my attitude of gratitude!

Another fun resolution is the 'One Little Word' project. Ali started the project in 2011, but the idea sparked in 2006. She found that it was easy to lose traction throughout the year when working with resolutions. She chose one word to incorporate in her daily life and created an album/journal to track her experience throughout the year.

What word would you choose for 2013? What destinations have you set for 2013? Just remember to love yourself and affirm:

 “I accept and embrace change with ease. I invite positive change into my life and I AM grateful that I AM a free-will human BEing! All is well in my world!”

My gift to you for 2013 is this fun Top 10 list. As you incorporate these new habits or reinforce them in your life, feel free to add your own. Feel free to print it out and if you subscribe to my updates, I’ll mail you the high res version for printing out!

As you can see, the first letter of each tip spells out ‘BREATHE IN Love.’ That’s the one thing that you can always remember and do, no matter where you are or who you’re with. It’s easy! At work, breathe in love. In your car, breathe in love.

Take the time to do this throughout your day. I like to close my eyes, when possible, and take a nice, long, deep breathe in. I imagine it filled with love, like golden and rosy, sparkly love. It fills my lungs and travels through my body, healing me and multiplying as I continue to inhale it in. I then breathe it out, sharing it with family, friends, co-workers, the drivers in the cars around me, everyone! It’s very calming and grounding. Try it and let me know what you think!

Also, remember to check out the January ‘Law of Abundance’ calendar, which you can save and print for FREE. It was lovingly created by beautiful souls for your enjoyment!

Sending love to you all this beautiful day in 2013. Keep smiling!