Free Yourself Friday

Thank God it's...TODAY! A beautiful friend of mine, Caroline, posted this on Facebook. I thought it was perfect for 'Free Yourself Friday,' so I gave it few tweaks and here it is...our first 'Free Yourself Challenge.'


Did you know that everyone you surround yourself with is a mirror of who you are or who you will become?

Think about WHO you talk to the most. Your top 10. Who are they? Write them down. Look at that list. 

> Are they where you want to be?
> Are they negative or positive?
> Glass half-full people?
> Do they vent constantly and forget their attitude of gratitude?
> When you get done talking to them do you feel a sense of overjoyed or overwhelmed?
> How do you treat your family after you talk to them? Do you vent after talking to them?> Are they full of love and compassion?

It's important to be true to yourself. In order to raise your vibration and keep that truth flowing, you need to surround yourself with people who do the same. You can't drag your friends into enlightenment, but you can keep moving forward and live by example. You are important enough to prioritize yourself.

Let me know how your challenge goes? I'm here for you and keep smiling!