Free Yourself Friday

For ‘Free Yourself Friday,’ I’m going somewhere I NEVER thought I’d go. I actually found today’s inspiration in some Army training! Shut the front door, right!?!

Today, we started our Comprehensive Communication Skills class and I really wasn’t expecting much. Another reminder of how I could’ve used the beginner’s mind when starting the class. Hee hee! 

We started by answering 20 questions to identify our strengths and weaknesses. Of course, the actual workbook asks how you we could take that strength and benefit our armory, but I’m mixing it up.

So, let’s do it...Choose one strength and identify three ways you could amp up that strength and utilize it more efficiently. Possibly applying it to a goal or destination that you’ve set. 

Now pick one of your less strong areas and identify how you can make it strong. For example, I identified that I can strengthen one of my weaknesses by continuing to meditate regularly and communicating more effectively when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I also want to learn to not take certain things so personally. I’ve found that meditation has helped me in this area, as it has allowed me to understand that I AM unconditional love. Other’s opinions of me are none of my business. :-D

For a little additional fun, write down three words that you would like people to use when they describe you. You could do one set of words for your workplace and one for family and friends or just do an overall set. Write them down as affirmations. One of my words is leader. Writing down and affirming, “I AM a leader in my field and I lead with love,” will manifest this into my reality. 

There is a voice.jpg

It's time to find your inspiration. Listen to yourself. Go within. you have all of the answers.

Do you want to be more positive? More energetic? Less critical of others? Happy? Loved? Affirm it, shift your thoughts and you’ll see this new energy align with your true self. The real, whole, loved you will emerge from the fog. It’s a beautiful and amazing thing that everyone should experience. Join me and keep smiling!