Removing Life's Labels

Hola, my loves! This week, I’m going to start it off with a video. Check, check, check it out and then we’ll get down to the meat and sweet potatoes!

Before reading ‘Soul-Centered' by Sarah McLean I hadn’t even thought about how often I label things, people and experiences. When you drop the labels, you’ll catch yourself experiencing life in HD! It’s as if colors are brighter, flavors are fuller and there are no strangers. When I say there are no strangers, I mean like when you’re driving in rush-hour traffic and there are other drivers surrounding you. When you remove labels, they aren’t obstacles or strangers. They are souls living the same human experience as you. They are love. They are light. 

This same rule applies to yourself. What labels have been placed on you by yourself or others? Fat? Lazy? Tired? Dumb? Selfish? Drop them. 

Here’s a visualization for you. Imagine that you have dozens of balloons tied to you. Each balloon has a different label on it. It’s windy and they’re getting all tangled up. It’s hard to even walk one direction with all of these balloons pulling you every which way. CUT! Cut the balloons that have labels that no longer serve your highest good. There is one beautiful, heart-shaped balloon left. YOU ARE LOVE!


Hope you enjoyed my doodle. Hee hee! Please, loves, just visual this beautiful, love-filled balloon raising your vibration whenever you get caught up in labels. You are perfect just the way you are. I love you all! Keep smiling! last motivator!