Warm Fuzzy Wednesday

It's been a bit chilly here in Minnesota. In honor of the cold here and it being 'Warm Fuzzy Wednesday' I'm going to talk about getting your fit on! Each day, I schedule time for meditation and fitness. I find that exercising my mind and body are a recipe for success. I love this affirmation from my Louise Hay Wisdom Cards:

I am healthy and filled with energy. I feel the bounce in my step. I see my shining eyes. The radiant me is right here. I claim it now.

How many of you set a New Year's resolution related to getting fit? Drop the resolution and just make it a part of your day. You don't need no stinkin' date on the calendar to start. It's YOU vs. YOU! Game on. 

Make it a point to involve activity in your day. This can be as simple as 100 lunges down the hall or 100 squats during your lunch break. I also like to do a 5-minute plank without bending or dropping to my knees. You can work your way up to that by starting with one minute. The sweet thing is that these things can be done in your work clothes. I don't even break a sweat. 

Now don't get me wrong, I still get my sweat on at the gym, but I also enjoy feeling the burn throughout the day. You'll start to feel your thighs and arms lose their jiggle. It's also motivation to keep up with good eating habits. I'm less likely to 'cheat' after rocking out my squats or sit-ups.

Meet Sally (see pic below). I met her at Derived Beings and she's just amazing. She doesn't say she can't do something or get intimidated by the workout of the day. She gives it HER all. Stop comparing yourself to others. Somebody always ends up being lesser than when you compare, whether it's you or the other person. Do you. Be you. Live you! 

Be Awesome Chalk.jpg

Feeling warmer? Of course not. Step away from your computer and get your fit on! You can do one of the examples below all at once or throughout the day depending on your level of fitness.

- 100 lunges
- 100 squats
- 100 sit-ups
- 50 push-ups

Keep smiling! You're getting better and shining brighter every day!