Free Yourself Friday

Yahoo! It's another Friday. Is it just more or do these Fridays seem to be coming more quickly by the month? Maybe it's because I'm at an Army school. Most military people experience time in a different way. The days are LOOOOOOOOOONNNNG, but the weeks are short. It's crazy. Another weird thing is how I actually look forward to this stretch that we do during our morning workout, because I get to lay on my back and look at the sky. It will be 6 am and 30 degrees and I always love that moment!

Ok, so back to freeing ourselves. I read this quote by Wayne Dyer and just couldn't help but share.

By choosing to hang on to your corner of freedom in even the worst situations, you can process your world with the energy of appreciation and beauty, and create an opportunity to transcend your circumstances.

I read it about three times before I was able to think of how I would apply it to my life. Is there a difficult situation in your life? If there isn't now, you've probably had one in the past and will experience a few more in the future. Don't get swept up in the details. Stop and step back. Holding on to your free will, view the situation from a place of appreciation and beauty.

Get out a piece of paper and write down what you would improve about the situation and what you can do to make that happen. Our circumstances can't always be change, but we can transcend them. Meaning we can raise our vibration, in return raising the vibration of the collective consciousness! It's related to the balloon sketch I shared earlier in the week. Here's a refresher:


As you learn to view all situations from a place of love, rather than fear, you'll notice that you just seem to slide more smoothly through them. There's no option to sweat the small stuff, because you identify it and work on ways to improve it before you even begin to sweat! Save the sweating for the gym. In life, just be. Be in love and keep smiling. 

Since I mentioned smiles, I just have to leave you with this smile that has truly taught me how to transcend my circumstances. Love you all!