Talk to your Angels

I want to share a little secret with you on how I quickly ground myself. Of course, it always starts with meditation, done twice daily. But, in that moment where the anxiety kicks in, my eyes well up with tears and the pressure is on...I talk to my Angels!

I’ve talked a lot about how creating a relationship with the Archangels has transformed the way I experience this thing called life. I started my journey with ‘Invoking the Archangels’ by Sunny Dawn Johnston. She broke down the process of creating that relationship. 

Below is a card from her Oracle Card deck. I also have a smaller laminated one that I carry in my wallet. These serve as a great reminder and tool to pull out when you’re standing in line, on break at work or just need a reminder that your Angels are there with you. 

The more you work with your Angels, the more messages you'll receive and signs you’ll see. The outcome is no longer important because you know that you are fully loved and supported! Which brings me to this week’s video blog...

Ahh...take a second to breathe that in. Say it with me!

“I AM fully supported. I AM motivated by love.”

Take some time out for your Angels. Talk to them. Develop that loving and supportive relationship with them. I wear an Army uniform each day, but will wear a pink undergarments if I’m wanting to work with Archangel Chamuel that day. Wear a bracelet, set a timer on your phone...whatever it takes. Just start talking!

And let me know how it goes. I always love hearing from all of you. Keep smiling, loves!