Warm Fuzzy Wednesday

I'm baaaaaaaack! And it's 'Warm Fuzzy Wednesday'! Woohoo!

How do you wake up? Do you roll out of bed and start the process of getting ready? Or do you pop up, raise your arms up in gratitude and declare, "Today is the best day EVER! I AM awesome!!!" Seriously...which is it?

Starting my day with mediation has helped me get better at the popping out of bed reflex, since I used to think I wasn't a morning person. I didn't like that about myself, so I changed it. I AM a morning person. I AM an afternoon person. I AM and ALL DAY PERSON!!! I love it all and you should too!

How are you being awesome today? How are you making today an awesome day? You are fully loved for the bright shining light that you are! Keep on shining and smiling, loves!