Free Yourself Friday!

Free Yourself_beachImage.jpg

It's 'Free Yourself Friday' and we're talking about food! I've been doing the Oprah & Deepak Perfect Health 21-Day Meditation Challenge and there's been some focus on nutrition. I know what good nutrition is, but I still have those things I can't seem to get out of my diet. Or should I say those things I choose not to get out of my diet? 

What's a girl to do when she's craving her morning Caribou coffee run? Well, that's where today's challenge comes in. I'm falling back on the old 'You are what you eat' thought. By challenging myself to be conscious and look at each item that enters my body, I can make better decisions. I look at that white chocolate mocha and see all of the sugars entering my body and setting up camp on my hips or I see the milk in it creating a chaos of phlegm and mucus. Doesn't sound so appetizing when you visualize it for what it really is, does it?

Let's free ourselves from junk. Let's ingest things that energize us! Imagine what a batch of steamed veggies and grilled salmon looks like floating through your body. No preservatives and crazy ingredients that your body has to figure out.  

Let me know how this challenge goes for you and keep smiling!