You Are Loved

I choose to transform my life each day! Why? Because I know that there’s more than just the minute slice of world that I currently experience. I choose to grow. I AM infinite love and creator of my own reality. What are you putting out there?

This week, I dropped some more labels. Those old labels were searching, confused, single mother and victim. Those words no longer exist in my vocabulary when speaking about who I AM! Since I AM a free will human being, it’s really just that simple. How do you choose to live each day?

Minnesota has seen some rather interesting weather, including snow in April. I’ve chosen to take this time to accomplish some indoor goals. There’s no need to embrace the suck. How about just living, just being. anybody truly a fan? No problem. Show gratitude when filing your taxes, because there are still people sacrificing time with their families so that they work in the United States and provide a better life for that family. Be grateful for your job. Bills? Same thought process. Give thanks for your abundance and bless each bill as you pay it. Not fulling loving where you’re at? Well, get up and claim your life back. You’re not helpless. You are loved. You are Spirit embodied. Talk to your Angels. Surround yourself with beautiful souls who will empower you!

“No one saves us, but ourselves. No one can and no one may.
We ourselves must walk the path.”

What labels do you need to drop, today, in order to believe the above pretty? You are unconditionally loved. Claim it! Oh, and keep smiling! :-)

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