Warm Fuzzy Wednesday

I woke up this morning, meditated and then headed to the shower. Logan woke up earlier than usual and came in the bathroom asking for a granola bar. I hopped out to set him up and asked him if he had to go potty before I headed back to the bathroom to finish my shower. 

Just as I started to wash my hair, this little whiny guy comes in my bathroom crying because he peed in his pajamas. What!?! Frustration kicked in. Hadn't I just asked if he needed to go potty? I had a head full of shampoo. 

I hopped out, quickly helped him out of pjs, cleaned him up, handed him a towel and told him to sit tight while I rinsed my hair. When I initially stepped back in the shower, I was thinking to myself how this was NOT the way to start a morning. Annoyed. Can't I just take a shower?

Then I remembered to stay present and embrace the moment. There are parents that lost their children in Boston this week. There are parents who lost their children in Afghanistan this week. There are people who are unable to conceive or adopt. They would give anything to have this same experience that I'm having. To see that sweet little boy walking in with a smile to wish me a good morning. That little boy who called his mama beautiful just last night. 

I remembered who I truly am and appreciated Logan for who he truly is. He's a beautiful soul that was having a very human experience. He was in my room on the iPad when I got out of the shower. All snuggled up in a bright pink towel, he looked up smiling and said, "Hi, mom! Are you going to dress me now?" He had patience with me. He loves me unconditionally.

Remember this with those you come in contact with. It's a beautiful life, but we're still humans. Have patience and give love freely by the loads! After all, there's an infinite supply, so why not use it! 

Keep smiling!

 Photo by  Shots by Bridge