Moving Forward

When you hear the word past, what does it conjure up? Good thoughts, peaceful thoughts, bad memories or maybe a mix of emotions? The good thing is that it’s in the past. It already is. You can’t control it and change it, so why not learn from it and move forward.

So often, we may think we’re over the past until something ignites that fire again. Do you repress it or let it take you over? No. Acknowledge it and move forward. Some hurts are bigger than others, but they are all still in the past. 

I held on to hurt from my mother not being the mother that I expected her to be. My expectations set me up for disappointment. 

I held on to hurt from being physically and sexually abused. I let my circumstances keep me in a victim mode. I don't mean to be too graphic, but just want to speak truth.

The cool thing is that I was able to wake up one day and realize that those experiences and labels do not define who I AM! I AM a bright shining light that wants to empower others to shine on! 

For me, it’s always when I visit family that I realize how important it is to keep moving forward. There’s so many peaceful times to be had with our family and friends. There’s also so many great memories to be created, which in turn manifests a new reality and leaves a new past. In this video, I talk a little about how I moved forward with one family member and on my path with another.

As I stated previously, there are hurts of varying degrees. Some things might take counseling, reiki or other healing work, but the good thing is that you get to choose. You’re a free-will human being. If someone hurts you, speak your truth and move forward. Are you sensing a theme here?

To surrender the past to the Holy Spirit is to ask that only loving, helpful thoughts about it remain in our minds, and all the rest be let go.
- Marianne Williamson

There’s a variety of ways to let go. It might be working with the Archangels. You could write down the hurts and burn them. You could take some flowers down to a river and attach the hurts to each petal, releasing them in the current. Envision the water cleansing your soul, your heart, your human body. You are love and Spirit embodied. There’s no need to trip up your present with the past. In fact, it’s self-sabotaging to do so. Simply learn from it and move forward.

You so got this, loves! Now release that past and keep smiling!