Step Out of Your Own Way

FREE! We are all free-will human beings. Have you experienced an obstacle today that you could not control? Traffic, perhaps? Turn that obstacle into an opportunity. Download some audiobooks and listen to those during your commute. Add a playlist of mantras to your iPod and soak in that peace as you drive. Mentally make a list of you like about your co-workers, family, friends. To some of you, this may sound silly, but FREE YOURSELF and give it a try! That morning show really isn’t all that entertaining as what you could be feeding your soul!

This pretty brings another key to freedom. Stop getting in your own way. Stop doubting. Stop zoning out! Start loving you. Start loving all. LIVE IN THE MOMENT! 

I’ve been experiencing a difficult situation at my military job. The leadership has been treating me differently and it's starting to effect my happiness at work. I enjoy my job and really enjoy being social at work. It’s so hard to have people you look up to, purposely ignoring you for something that they’ve misunderstood. How do I handle it? 

Well, in the ‘real world’, I would approach the person with truth and love, while have an open discussion. The military is a little more convoluted, so I smile. I treat them with love. When I feel the cold shoulder approach, I embrace it and send it love. I release any feelings of ownership. It is not my issue. It is theirs. I will move out of my own way and keep shining. I will NOT ‘empower them to dim my light,’ as the beautiful Shelly Wilson would say. 

This is a great song to listen to when you need to 'lift the fog' or just for a good smile! It's a great one to add to the 'commuting to work' playlist! :-)

I remember this song a lot throughout my day. 

“If this life is one act, why do we lay all these traps. We put them right in our path, when we just wanna be free. Peace in my heart. Peace in my soul. Wherever I’m goin’, I’m already home.”

Shine on, my friends! You are a beautiful and bright shining soul, here to be you! Keep smiling!