Let It Be

In the past, I’ve let decisions get the best of me. I wanted to know that I was making the right choice, without any complications. I thought that I would feel better knowing more facts and analyzing the situation, because I would make a more informed decision.

In theory, that’s great, but there are times when too much info is just that. It’s time to trust and just let it be. The more you ground yourself and connect with Source, the easier it is to trust that you can make all decisions guided by the Divine and for your highest good! It becomes second nature to just trust and move forward.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of this lately, as you’ll see in my video!

I also pulled another card from my ‘Messages From Your Angels’ oracle cards from Doreen Virtue and really enjoyed the message.

“One day, you’re sure of you decision. The next day, you question it again. This indecision will be healed by focusing on your Divine life purpose. If you’re unsure, then ask God and the angels to help you further. You can ask, “Which decision will help the most people?”

Also, remember not to make fear-based decisions. I ask myself which decision I would make if I knew it would advance me in my life purpose, serve the highest good and if I had no fear. If you’re still struggling, stop and ground yourself, pray, ask your angels...and LET IT BE! 

By living in love and nothing else, you’ll always make the right decision in perfect timing. When you run into perceived obstacles, remember that trust that you started with. Learn from the lessons and move forward. It really is just that simple. Love always wins!

I’m going to share a little story that reminded me about the importance of making love-based decisions with trust.

I was driving to work when traffic slowed down way more than usual. It turns out that a car was stopped in the middle of the interstate and was block a lane and a half. I pulled onto the left-hand shoulder and ran across the first lane to the van. The driver and passenger looked a little shaken and coffee was splashed all over the dash and windshield. 

I offered to help and before you know it, the passenger and I were pushing the van across four lanes of traffic. No questions. Just trust. The traffic slowed and people let us by. After safely moving the vehicle, the passenger asked if I’d drive him to the train station. Without even knowing where it was, I just knew that the answer was yes. I called into work before we navigated back across five lanes of interstate traffic. I was shaking, but forward we went.

After speaking with the man, I found out that he was visiting because his father had passed away. The driver was his father’s best friend. He had about 20 minutes to get to the train station. I knew this would be close in rush-hour traffic, but forward we went.

He thanked me for stopping and I reassured him that it was no problem. He then said something that I hadn’t thought of before.

“Thank you because your uniform is what helped us. When people saw us, they just ignored us. They see me and think there is another crackhead or bum. They see you and they trust you.”

I hadn’t even thought about that. I just knew that the decision to help him wasn’t a decision at all. We are always in the perfect place at the perfect time. Stop thinking so much and listen. Trust and keep moving forward! 

Meet my new friend, Winston, who needed a friendly human to stop and trust!


I love you. Stay strong. Keep smiling!