Love Your Body

Hello, loves! I just want to start this blog by making sure we’re on the same page. I’m going to talk about nutrition and fitness. I don’t think it’s all about your dress size, but more about how you feel. I want to discuss good nutrition and help you start a regular fitness routine so that you can be a better you! It’s not to make you feel bad or guilty, because you’re beautiful just the way you are. But, hey, why not operate at full capacity? Why not empower our children, family, friends and co-workers to do the same? Now that we’re tracking, let’s go!

Drink chocolate milk to get stronger? Really? And yes, I feel bad about being judgmental mom. It was a good reminder for me to not label, judge or compare.

I’ve designed a little chart, just in case you’re wondering how bad it could really be. I also plan on keeping this sign up in my office as a reminder so that I can keep the sweet stuff away from me.

Sugar Suspects.jpg

Wowza! That’s a lot of sugar. Now I want to ask you what your little addiction is? Like I stated before, I’m just asking for you to invest in yourself. It’s not about feeling guilty or feeling like you can’t enjoy some ice cream. It’s about taking ownership of your body, so when you eat that treat, you’re enjoying it fully and with gratitude. Don’t just eat the donut because it’s there. More than 75% of the donuts that pop up at my office aren’t even good. If I’m going to eat a donut, I’m going to make sure that it’s amazing. Then I’m going to enjoy every moment of it! 

It’s time for some body love. You are amazing, talented and here to let your light shine! Stop dimming your light with crappy, artificial food. Let’s do it together! Below is the Week 1 sheet for you to print and fill out. You could also just write these down in a journal. I’ll be adding a pic of mine to the Dajon Smiles Facebook page. 

Speaking of Facebook, I received some text messages from people thinking that I had deleted them as a friend. I deactivated my account for some clarity and me time. I promise! I just needed a day or two away from it. Gotta make time for me!

Keep smiling, loves! You are beautiful!

Body Love Week 1.jpg