Simply Present

I’ve shared this image before, but it’s just relevant to today’s post and my life right now. 

Are you conscious of what you’re plugging your energy into? By listening within and grounding yourself every day, you can retrain your mind. You can create the existence that you want. Here’s how I manage what I’m plugging into.

I know I’m a bit all over the place, but I hope that makes sense to you. I think that by working on the energy that we infuse into thoughts and experiences, we can shift our conscious awareness. You can change the entire vibration of an entire room just by raising your own. It all begins with filtering what we plug into. Release, release, release. Take your power back and then spread the love.

Teach your children and family members how to engage their mind, instead of being owned by it. With consistency, you’ll be able to not only disengage from work gossip, but also stop the rest of office from gossiping. Try it. Spread the love and light. Get yourself there first and then move forward with it.

As you free your mind, your intuition becomes more clear. The daily chaos clears up and you find yourself soaking the moments of your day. Breathing in the peace and releasing the craze. 

Let me know your thoughts on your experience with this. I’m also creating a workbook that will include exercises, journal prompts and affirmations. Feel free to send any suggestions or feedback to guide me in the creation of this new fabulous tool!

Keep smiling!