So, this week was filled with UPS and DOWNS and this is my conclusion!

Are you living in the moment? Are you living your purpose? Just being? Or are you caught up in the sauce?
Sunny Dawn Johnston has an amazing webcast out right now about not taking things so personally, called 'It's Not About You.' It's amazing and might help you to see what your plugging into more clearly. Visit her website to get your 'Living Your Purpose' Affirmation cards.
Also, we're on the letter 'G' for the Dajon Smiles 'Soul Strength' challenge. Feel free to incorporate these words throughout your day. Meditate on them and try the challenge!


Loving Affirmations:
 - I surround myself with the genuine and authentic people, for they are a mirror of who I AM.
 - I AM Divinely guided. 
 - My goals are within my reach. I attain them with ease.
 - I AM filled with gratitude for my abundance. 
 - I AM equipped with unique gifts and talents that empower me to serve my purpose for the highest good!