These Hands - Loving All of Me

How many of you look in the mirror and start analyzing the things you don’t like about your body? I know that I’ve made that a habit in the past? I'm so over the saying, "We're our own worst critics." Why? Why can't we be our biggest fans?

While away Sunny Dawn Johnston’s Mind Body Spirit Intensive, she had us do an exercise where we learned to talk with our body. A part of the exercise that I found especially helpful was writing a letter to my body. I thanked it and I was also apologetic for the ways I’ve treated it. I’ve put others first and worked by body to the point of exhaustion. I’m working on treating my body better. It’s allowed to do so many things and I talked a little about that in this video.

I know that got a little deep, but I’m learning that vulnerability is something I want to be open to. These hands have done so many things for me. Picking my son up when he’s fallen down, helping me type this blog post and feeling that soul connection while holding hands with another. 

What has your body done for you? What are you thankful for? Start a loving conversation with your body today! You AND your body are here serving your purpose in this very moment right now! No more of that critic BS! I love me…ALL of me. Period. That’s certainly something to keep smiling about!

Honor Your Body.jpg