You Are Limitless

The last 3 years have been ripe with opportunities for learning, also known as super freakin' challenging! Ha! It really has been. It's tested my ability to speak my truth in situations that were previously very intimidating to me. I gave my power to people who I thought had more power over me, because of their rank on this planet. You military folks know what I'm talking about. Really, everyone has been there though. Feeling limited in your relationship, feeling limited in your job, feeling limited by talents and abilities that you lack. I was reminded of this lack mentality last weekend. 

I spoke at the 'Build Your Dream' day for women veterans, hosted by Metropolitan State University. It was this great event designed to help women who are wanting to cultivate their passion and purpose, no matter what stage their at. There were resources for those who were looking to go back to school or start a business. It was amazing and the energy was yummy!

During my speaking portion, I was (as usual) speaking a lot about living your purpose and be fearless in your pursuit to live it out. Not being limited because somebody else is doing it or because you don't think you're good enough, or even just tapping into your heart to feel out what your passion is. Then a lady from one of the business resources raised her hand and grabbed the mic. I don't remember what she said quote for quote, but she started by saying she didn't want to rain on the parade, but owning your own business isn't all warm fuzzier, rainbows and unicorns. 

This is where I could've let my little heart-shaped balloon aimlessly dart around the room as the air was released, leaving it a sad little deflated hot mess as it hit the floor. But NO! I own my power and value. I'm not a numbers person. I'm not all into the nitty gritty legal stuff and contracts....yawn...and such. That is ok, dear ones! After taking a deep breath, I acknowledged her light and wisdom and reminded the audience that it's always great to know our passion, but then also great to know what we're not super awesome at and hire that crazy stuff out! Focus on what brings your joy! Focus on what you freakin' rock at! Don't get caught up in the fact that you can't make your website look pretty or that somebody in your office has more education than you. Celebrate it all!!! Isn't it a beautiful thing that we all have different experiences, skills and talents?

Ok, so to drive this message home, please check out my most amazing and awesomely delightful video blog!!! It's not perfect, but I did it and I didn't procrastinate! Woot woot! Plus, there's some outtakes at the end that are sure to raise your vibes! Happy Monday, friends! Keep smiling.

Here are the words from that Leo New Moon ceremony that I read in the video!

It's not about YOU! It's about you being a clear channel, a loving messenger for source.
It's not about you being whole first.
You are whole in your incompleteness.
You are whole in your imperfections, your tardiness, your raw ability to show up and fail.

Dear one, if only you knew there is no failure.
For failure only shows in giving up.
And this is not in your nature, for you are Spirit embodied. 
Go forth and SHINE!
Go forth and SHARE!
Be YOU, in all your wholeness with frail incompacities and show others they can BE as well.
Connect with Source and BE the mirror, so that they might see their limitlessness in themselves...
for you are ONE!
~Dajon Ferrell