Speak Your Truth

Ladies and Gentlemen! A chapter has ended and a new one begun! My military days are behind me and I’m almost officially a civilian!!! This week is the OFFICIAL end to my 13.5 year military career! No, I’m not temped to stay in for the retirement. Yes, I know I would only have to sacrifice 6.5 more years of my life. Ha!

Anyhow, I’ve been looking forward to this transition for so long that it didn’t even occur to me how much these years have shaped my life. I realized that for years, I was labeled by my rank. I was put in a box and told how to act and what to say. I was literally made to report to a room every day by myself for two months by people who were trusted with leadership positions.

Growing up, I had many challenges around self-worth and being comfortable in my own sacred, awkward, glorious, shiny self. This made falling in line in the military a very safe and cozy settling ground for me. I attached my worth to my rank, awards and to the kudos I did or didn’t receive.

No more of that, misses and mister! I am a leader. I am intuitive and have the ability to feel and hear messages coming through energetically. I am a powerful speaker. I have a lot of truth to catch up on, so here we go.

My transition has started out strong with purple hair and a tattoo. I went bazonko and did this all over a 2-day binger. The third day came and I had a meltdown. A legit ‘what the heck am I doing’ meltdown! It was as if I was seeking change, yet not able to comprehend what I looked like with a bit of edge to me. That purple hair I had been dreaming of, now made me feel like I was going to be judged in a totally different way. I’d been wanting to manifest a relationship, but what kind of guy would appreciate a girl with purple hair? I almost didn’t even go through with it, because I was worried about what a certain guy might think.

Then, I got wise!!! It’s just hair, ya’ll! And you know what, I love my tattoo. If I every really want to remove it, I totally can. I’m digging stepping into who I really am. And I appreciate that the future partner will love the way I process life and will think I’m beautiful no matter what the hair color is. I was feeling on top of the world, when I realized I would be briefing the Military Action Group, which contains leaders from the state, military and veteran organizations. Watch the video to see how it went!

Well, there you have it, folks! Shining bright requires us to speak our truth. We owe ourselves this gift of showing up and speaking light. This one thing I know…speaking your truth empowers others to do the same. And what are we here for, if we’re just playing puppet or putting up smoke and mirrors. It’s simply crazy, my loves! Speak up and shine on!