Releasing Old Stories

Do you have old stories that keep coming back up from your past and prevent you from moving forward in your life? Do you hear this constant little voice telling you that you aren't good enough, don't have enough or will never be able to live your most purposeful life? It's time to stop the self-limiting beliefs and reprogram your beautiful self to shine bright so you can get to your mission in this world.

I had a moment of clarity recently while experiencing the feeling of being rejected by someone without a real explanation. See, our human brain wants to categorize things to help us understand or cope better. It’s like there’s this little elf in there with a clipboard putting people, experiences and feelings into boxes, so he can tidy up the mental clutter that is fueling the mini hamster wheel in your brain. Give your inner little elf a break by letting go of the whys and hows of life. Yes, sometimes it’s necessary to review something and learn from it, but let me share this little idea with you.

How would it feel to stop TRYING so hard to label things and FIGURING out all of the reasons they happened to you? Sitting and talking with friends about what that guy did to you and how you don’t understand how it from being so awesome to feeling deserted and cold. Wondering why that person at the store was so rude? Wondering how you’re ever going to escape the daily grind? Well, my friend, it’s all about perception. Perhaps you could release the term ‘daily grind’ and begin to cultivate thought patterns and experiences affirming you right where you need to be in any given moment. Begin expecting miracles to occur in your ‘daily opportunity’ of the game of LIFE! Spin the wheel of chance and expect to WIN!

Here’s a little more about this topic! Enjoy!

So, to review..

You have to break the habit of thinking that the solution to your problems is to rearrange things outside. The only permanent solution to your problems is to go inside and let go of the part of you that seems to have so many problems with reality.
— Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul

You so have this! Your are amazing! That body of yours is a miracle and so ridiculously beautiful. Your mind is an amazing gift that serves your highest good. Man, you frickin’ rock! Shine on, lovelies!