The Comparison Trap: A Lose-Lose Proposition

In today’s society, where everyone’s life is on display, it can be easy to create a false reality based on highlight reels of tasty food, vacation moments and motivational memes. I will admit that I fall into this trap from time to time.

You see, as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I constantly have ideas flowing through my head. I also stay connected to other awesome sauce creatives and light workers through social media, so I get to see everyone else’s fabulous programs and creations with buzz words like, ‘6-figure launch,’ ‘free webinar,’ ‘be a coach,’ and ‘make money around the world.’ It became normal to see ads for courses, masterclasses, live events and other magic that others were creating around me.

Then, the day came where I had my own big, amazing, Divinely-inspired idea.

One of those ideas that feels as if it was meant for you. Where you think about it while you’re driving, working out, showering and you have random notes jotted down as the downloads come pouring in. I was on top of the world, like a woman who just found out she’s pregnant and can’t wait for that belly bump to pop to hint to other’s at the awesomeness that I was about to birth! Ok, that may be a little extreme, but you know the feeling!

That was until I saw someone else carrying my baby. Hold on…let me explain. I saw another lovely lady who had created ‘exactly’ what I had been marinating on. She was preparing to launch and had all of these magical unicorns on her team. Her graphics were delicious and her website was inviting. She had a big online summit, where I had been prepping for a big live event. Was she smarter for doing it that route? Her logo was in alignment. Damn! Her Instagram was even completely branded and filled with crystals of valuable content.

I reached out to my tribe and declared defeat.

The cool thing about being a super awesome ninja unicorn, is that you’re surrounded by other badass mythical creatures.

I wanted to take a moment to share their vast well of knowledge, insight and love with you.

Let the bad-assery begin…

“No one can offer something the way YOU can! Keep going and putting your shiny glittery unicorn self into it! We're here to offer our services made special by who WE are in particular. We live in an abundant universe and we need to embrace who we are.”
Amy Bernier

“Stay in your lane, love! You've gotta do it once and then you can grow and improve from there.”
Alionka Polanco

“Everything around you is a catalog. What you see is what you can achieve. Seeing things other people have or are doing just means that you can do it too! Sometimes you have to see to believe, so the Universe gives you an example.”
Holly Clock-Cooley

“Woman, focus on yourself and your creation. We all have a different voice and vision. Trust that people want to hear what YOU have to say.”
Timothi Jane Graham

“Your personality is the differentiator. Also, remember, you don't need a home run. Just get in base. Get it out there and don't be discouraged.”
Paul Kirch

“Don't let that stop you, launch, Then refine as necessary, the universe has got your six!”
Dean McMurray

“Your Soul knows NO comparison.”
Marc Hupert

“Remember you are reaching people who relate and connect with you because of YOU. That divinely planted seed within can only be nourished by you. Keep going! There are people that need you, my sweet friend!”
Jeanne Shannon

“Start where you are! Their people are not your people.”
Yvette Escalette

“But nobody does it like YOU!”
Sally Kathryn

“There's room for everyone in this world! Work is not scarce. Stay tuned to your heart, work form there. (Those words sound dumb when money is tight, but I swear they have been true for me.)”
Jaime Meyer

“This happens a lot.. I think especially with intuitive peeps. We tap into the same universal energy needed and download. We all have our own unique way of presenting it and teaching it that will resonate with the right tribe. I loved this thought (I think Dorene Virtue said it), until everyone in the world is manifesting at their finger tips, there’s always room for a new teacher or book on manifesting. I think we forget, because we are surrounded by like-minded peeps, that there are a whole lot of people needing our gifts and messages.”
Jen Gilchrist

“YOU need to follow YOUR journey. Don't look left or right.”
Kendra Fuller

“They're doing them, you're doing YOU! Just get out there and let your light shine. Your tribe will find you!”
Ange Baxendine

“My love - it is energetically IMPOSSIBLE for someone else to sell the exact same thing. Completely impossible! This is just a test to see how resolved you are to step in to your genius and receive the wealth that is due to you.”
Lorna Johnson

“Keep going!! Don't give up or change it. Just stay true to YOUR vision!”
Annie Anderson

“There is room enough for all! What is yours by right of conscious will always be. Shine on, my soul sister! We are one.”
Ellen Jones

“Who says they are doing it better? your ego that wants you to stay small? Dont let your mindset trip you up. There is no competition as like attracts like through Quantum Physics. You both will be success and attract who you attract which will be different. You would not have been called to do it if it was not supposed to happen. You have got this. Keep going!
Belinda Ginter

“No one has an original thought. Put your MOJO into it, girl. Make it yours.”
Beth Jacobson

“Here is a tip when creating: You are adding something to the world. No matter how many others are doing the same thing, it can never be the same. Someone will need what you have to provide and that is why you are prompted to create it. Oh, and don't listen tot he negative script in your head! It lies!”
Michele Ryan

“There's more than one kind of bread in the aisle. In an infinitely abundant universe, there's more than enough for all of us. You just have to find your niche and those you resonate with.”
Michael Madison

“You aren't possibly saying what was divinely guided to you is less than? I'm sure I read that wrong. It may be different than, it may be almost the same as, yet less than? Be you and that in itself is different as I don't have your experiences, other coaches don’t have your experiences, this other 'better' program doesn't have your experiences. Aren't we all teaching the same thing just from our own perception? You've got this!”
Carol Miller

“It is all good, sister. You are being divinely guided because you have something special to offer. BACK OFF EGO, LET HER SHINE!!!

Brenda Teeter

“That just means you're BOTH on the right path, Sister!!!!! #BeLove #TakesAVilliage
Kailen Rosenberg

“Or maybe it's just confirming to do it! You are not them and vise versa .. stay focused on what you want to create. Your people need you to create it.”
Petra Monaco

“It can never be the exact same thing when fueled from your deep knowing! It's just the layers of protection (i.e. fear) we've unconsciously placed around our deep knowing that makes it look like that.”
Jordanna Eyre

Well, there it is! As Dr. Suess so wisely put it, “There is no one alive who is youer than you!”

Who are you to withhold your magic from all of those who are praying for exactly what you have to offer? 

When you compare yourself to others, it is a lose-lose proposition. One of you ends up being less than and that’s simply an illusion. The great thing about not comparing yourself, is you can celebrate the magic that others are creating, along with shining your own light ever so brightly. And let’s not kid ourselves, there are times when others are feeling less than amazing. We are one though. We rise together. Let go of those old recorded stories. Hit the delete button and press play on your life. Each day is a new ALIVE day! After all...

If you don't share your true voice with the world, you're stealing. Because there's someone out there right now who needs what you have to offer! And if you don't express it, you won't make the difference you were born to make. -Marie Forleo