In order to honor and support our fellow soulpreneur family, I've decide to create a soul-centered and small business owner holiday guide.

I'll be designing, promoting and distributing this holiday guide, which I would normally just do for FREE. Since I'm stepping into a new chapter though,  I'm asking for $8 to cover the energy invested. Feel free to share this with anyone who would like to be included!

If you would like to receive the guide, enter your email address below. This list is separate from my business email list, so you will only receive the guide and no other emails. It's just the easiest way for me to track who wants to receive the guide.

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Some lovelies expressed the desire to donate more to the guide. This is a voluntary and much-appreciated option, but not required. Everyone will have equal spot, promotions and all that jazz. :-D Much love, soul family and thank you for the love and support! Let's help each other rise!

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