The mission of Soul Kids United is to connect soul-centered kids who unite together to be the change they wish to see in the world. These kids will unite to share experiences, knowledge, tools and love that will empower them to shine their lights bright. 



Connecting soul-centered kids and teens together so that they can support one another through their journeys. Your vibe attracts your tribe and these kids choose to surround themselves with like-hearted souls!


A community united to help each other grow your gifts by cultivating them. We all come to this world with unique gifts to share and Soul Kids United aims to help people shine those lights bright by sharing, practicing and providing a safe space to expand.



Soul Kids United teaches these budding soulpreneurs how to share their messages with the world. Whether it's through video blogs, podcasting or creating products for commerce, these kids learn how to speak their truth in a purposeful way!


Meet Logan and Dajon, a dynamic mother and son team. Logan approached his mom with the vision of starting a website to bring like-minded kids together, a safe space where they could talk about all things sacred and cultivate their purposeful missions here. Logan is 6-years-old and is in 1st grade. He loves all things Lego, building anything, soccer, skiing and all dogs! Dajon is an Empowerment Coach. You can learn more about her mission here.

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Soul Kids United is in the works, but to stay in the know, please subscribe below! We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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